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Ki - (key), also ch'i, qui

A vital force, an energy, aura, or vibe.

Also, Knowledge Integration – the art and science of translational thinking. 

At Ki Health Partners we believe the ‘ki’ to success is focusing on the client.

A Contract Research Organization


We work with pharma/biotech/device companies to organize and implement their studies. The CRO is the logistics middleman that takes care of all the operations of a clinical study from start to finish, and delivers the data to the pharma company. 

As a Contract Research Organization our goal is work hand-in-glove with the sponsor to ensure the success of their clinical trial by providing best in class services in a timely, ethical and cost-effective manner.

A Neurology Practice and Research Site

A Neurology Practice and Research Site

We are a highly successful non-insurance-based neurology practice, with a carefully curated staff of neurologists, psychologists, physical therapists and more (visit us at www.neinh.com). We also run a large clinical research practice searching for ground-breaking treatments in neurology, pain and other fields (www.neicr.com).

A Site Management Organization


We seek out medical practices that want to do clinical trials at their site, but lack the business knowledge to do so.  Once engaged, we find the site studies, negotiate with pharma on their behalf, take care of regulatory, HR, financial issues. This lets the doctors at the sites focus on just the medical aspects of the clinical trial.  

A Consulting Firm

A Consulting Firm

We provide a variety of consulting services, including advising medical practices on how to successfully switch to a non-insurance-based business model, how to set-up and run a clinical trial site, research protocol feasibility and design, and more.  Contact us with your dreams and ideas and we’ll help make them happen.


Interested Physicians

Have you ever thought of being involved in a clinical study at your office but the hassle of start-up, contracts, budgets, compliance and all the rest just seemed too daunting? We can help.

For over 20 years the professionals at the New England Institute for Clinical Research (NEICR) have been conducting clinical trials – over two hundred so far, and more than 65 leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies in the United States and around the world have entrusted us to provided clean, timely, accurate data in a professional and ethical manner.

If clinical research sounds to you like an exciting and rewarding endeavor, contact us – we’ll get you up and running in no time.

We Are Problem Solvers

At Ki Clinical Research we think a Contract Research Organization should facilitate a strong working relationship between the two most interested parties:  the sponsor and the sites.  But increasingly we’ve see the rise of multi-billion dollar CROs who feel that it’s all about them.  Full of arbitrary rules and many mouths to feed, these conglomerates seem to have a “too big to fail” mentality.

We’re different.  We’re small by design.  We’re detail-obsessed but built for speed.  We understand exactly what sponsors want, a we can deliver a great service responsibly, honestly and cost-effectively.